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Several methods to improve the design level of aluminum extrusion die

2019-08-20 09:29

  A set of high-quality aluminum extrusion dies, not only have good processing equipment and skilled extrusion mold manufacturing workers, another very important factor is to have a good extrusion mold design. For more complicated extrusion dies, the quality of the mold design accounts for 85% of the mold quality. An excellent mold extrusion design is: under the premise of satisfying the customer's requirements, the processing cost is low, the processing difficulty is small, and the processing time is short. The mold can produce qualified products in the shortest time. To do this, not only must fully understand the customer's requirements, but also require the mold designer to understand the extrusion machine, extrusion die structure and processing technology, as well as the processing capabilities of the factory. Therefore, as the extrusion die design If you want to improve the design level of extrusion molds, you should do the following:

  One: read more related books and magazines, learn to stand on the shoulders of others to pick apples. As an extrusion mold designer, in addition to the necessary mold design manual, you should also read some other books and mold magazines to learn about the mold. The latest developments in development. After a lot of theory and practice, the following books are very helpful for learning extrusion mold design:

  Aluminium extrusion die design professional information summary (paper volume), this book is self-finished by Shandong Aluminum Net, which collects a large number of examples of various types of mold design, is a rare and useful material. ;

  Liu Jing'an new book recommendation: light alloy extrusion die manual paper version, this book is a new book about the design and maintenance of extrusion die in recent years, including a large number of extrusion die design and maintenance examples, design theory and method It is the only classic book about aluminum extrusion dies in recent years.

  Design and manufacture of aluminum extrusion die, this book is focused on the theory of extrusion die design, is the classic of Liu Jing'an teacher, although many people have a lot of words on this book, but I think we should read like a book As many people look at the essence of it, a hundred pages of a book will inevitably have a place of repetition and impractical. For this phenomenon, the people we learn can completely turn a blind eye and only take the essence;

  A typical catalog of aluminum alloy extrusion die, this book is mainly a classic illustration of some extrusion die design, which covers almost all types of extrusion die design legends, including radiators, building materials, industrial materials, insulation profiles, etc. ;

  Aluminum profile tool design and production process optimization, this book is a book of Liu Jing'an in his early years. This book is published internally. The number of pages is small, but the content is very classic, especially for various alloys. The extrusion process and mold design have a more detailed introduction;

  Aluminum alloy harmonica tube, radiator, a porous mold and other extrusion tools and process data summary, this book is also self-finished by Shandong Aluminum Network, is about some difficult extrusion process and mold design of the fine materials;

  Aluminium extrusion technology summary data (paper), learning mold design must know some aluminum extrusion process, this book is self-finished by Shandong aluminum mesh, is a practical information about various alloy extrusion process ;

  Aluminum extrusion die repair training and learning materials (paper), when it comes to mold design has to talk about mold repair, designers who do not understand mold repair is definitely not a good designer, of course, do not understand the design of the model is not Will be a good molder.

  Two: Pay attention to the aluminum extrusion dies that are being produced or have been successful, and learn from others' successful experiences to learn the lessons of failure.

  Third: For the previously designed molds, it should also be taken seriously, because of the time and the reasons for understanding, the design that was considered reasonable at that time, there must be improvement after verification of production practice.

  Fourth: The entire process of extrusion die design should be tracked and investigated. After handing over the design plan, it is necessary to communicate with the factory to understand the processing process and the use of the product. When the model is tested, it is necessary to participate in the mold. Even if the mold is released, Also keep track of their usage.

  V: Understand the specifications of the company's extruders and molds, mats and sleeves, and design reasonable tooling in order to ensure the quality of profile discharge.

  Six: Familiar with the processing technology and processing flow of the extrusion die, the next workshop to understand the extrusion process, to understand the characteristics, adaptability and limitations of each device.

  Seven: Familiar with the molding properties of common aluminum alloy materials. Learn more about the effects of alloying components on mold design.

  Eight: Always pay attention to the development of the extrusion die industry, study some special mold structures, and learn about the latest extrusion die technology.

  Nine: Industrious handwriting and summarization, it is necessary to classify and save the mold design drawings that you think are typical and excellent. Each set of molds should have an analytical experience and summarize the process of gains and losses, so as to continuously improve the mold design level.

  Ten: Diligent and multi-question, thick and thin hair, often communicate and communicate with the extrusion mold making and mold repairers and even the operators on the extrusion shop site, to listen to their opinions on the molds they designed.


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