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Several methods to improve the design level of aluminum extrusion die

A set of high-quality aluminum extrusion dies, not only have good processing equipment and skilled extrusion mold manufacturing workers, another very important factor is to have a good extrusion mold design. For more complicated extrusion dies, the quality of the mold design accounts for 85% of the mold quality. An excellent mold extrusion design is: under the premise of satisfying the customer's requirements, the processing cost is low, the processing difficulty is small, and the processing time is short. The mold can produce qualified products in the shortest time. To do this, not only must fully understand the customer's requirements, but also require the mold designer to understand the extrusion machine, extrusion die structure and processing technology, as well as the processing capabilities of the factory. Therefore, as the extrusion die design If you want to improve the design level of extrusion molds, you should do the following:

How to judge the quality of aluminum profiles

There are good and bad aluminum profiles, and the number of aluminum profiles purchased is so large that it is impossible to check them one by one. In order to reduce unnecessary troubles, it is very important to choose a good manufacturer. If you understand the factors that affect the quality of aluminum profiles, You can buy the rest assured materials.

Solution to the problem of aluminum surface treatment

  The quality of the aluminum used is not very good. If there are too many impurities in the inside, the skin will be peeled off. After the aluminum parts are shot blasted, the oxide layer on the aluminum part will be destroyed. The untreated can be cleaned, and some of the oxide layer remains. Above.   Shot blasting is to make the workpiece further compacted. Usually, the force per square centimeter is about 3 kilograms. If the workpiece itself has die-casting quality problems, such as pores, bubbles, cold partitions, etc., it will be shot in real time. The phenomenon of peeling occurs, which is not the same concept as die-casting and is to be distinguished.   There is currently no effective way to solve the above problems, you can understand the basic processing methods:   1. Further improve the quality of the workpiece;   2. Reduce the pressure of shot blasting;   3. Grind the blasting part, such as the bottom of the blasting, and re-throw it.

Three major steps in the production of industrial aluminum profiles

There are three main steps in the production of aluminum profiles, namely casting, kneading and coloring. Melting and casting is the primary process for the production of aluminum profiles. It is the process of casting aluminum into a product after it has been melted at a high temperature. Kneading is a method of forming aluminum

Factors affecting the oxidation coloration of aluminum alloy

At present, the application of single-color anodized aluminum alloy building profiles in practice has been significantly reduced, and based on it, electrolytic colored oxide film, organic colored oxid
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